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Best of The Best Radio Show Th 8pm UK, Fr and Sat 11pm UK

#Music4AllAgesIf you love classic rock, then you will certainly love Best of The Best. From the Beatles to the Clash, Marc Platt breaks down classic albums and groups every Thursday (8pm UK), Friday and Saturday (11pm UK)

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Radio Candy Indie Show at 8pm UK Mon, Tue, Wed

#Music4AllAgesCheck out Marc Platt’s Radio Candy Indie show every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 8pm UK. You will hear the best Indie Music from all over the world. No talking, just 60 minutes of the best Indie Music anywhere.

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The Walrus & Philper Show

#Music4AllAgesTheWalrus & Philper Show is a bit hard to explain, but please don’t ask Philper to explain it unless you have all day. Classic Rock & More says it best. Enjoy some rare cuts, good old fashioned fun (usually at Philper’s expense) and light hearted banter, balanced with Classic Rock stories and information. Pull up […]

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Pop Radio UK

#Music4AllAgesPop Radio UK is #Music4AllAges with several shows like Music Authority, Ola’s Kool Kitchen, Radio Candy Indie Show, Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More,Wassup Rocker, Best of The Best and Perfumed Allotment.

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Ola’s Kool Kitchen (Tue, Wed, Thu 11pm UK)

#Music4AllAgesOla’s Kool Kitchen (Tue, Wed, Thu 11pm UK) Ola’ Kool Kitchen is a radio show. I’m interested in featuring new music. PLEASE NOTE I only accept submissions via . 

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Wassup Rocker Radio Show w Alex Kish (Fri 10pm, Sat 10pm, Sun 10pm UK)

#Music4AllAges—Join Alex Kish with his brand of Rock on weekends. A great mix of new up and coming garage, punk and rock n roll from all over the world.

Thursday 5:00 pm

Sick Beats

Dj Smash will make you move

Thursday 6:00 pm


Mixed by Thomas Grey

Thursday 10:50 pm

Sun Rhythm

With Malika

Thursday 11:40 pm

Sins At The Mic

With Wilhelmina Red