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Pop Radio UK

#Music4AllAgesPop Radio UK is #Music4AllAges with several shows like Music Authority, Ola’s Kool Kitchen, Radio Candy Indie Show, Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More,Wassup Rocker, Best of The Best and Perfumed Allotment.

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Ola’s Kool Kitchen (Tue, Wed, Thu 11pm UK)

#Music4AllAgesOla’s Kool Kitchen (Tue, Wed, Thu 11pm UK) Ola’ Kool Kitchen is a radio show. I’m interested in featuring new music. PLEASE NOTE I only accept submissions via . 

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Wassup Rocker Radio Show w Alex Kish (Fri 10pm, Sat 10pm, Sun 10pm UK)

#Music4AllAges—Join Alex Kish with his brand of Rock on weekends. A great mix of new up and coming garage, punk and rock n roll from all over the world.

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Radio Candy Indie Show with Marc Platt (6pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) UK Time)

#Music4AllAges(6pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays UK Time) Join host Marc Platt for this weekly 1 hour show of the best mix of new Indie Rock Radio songs. No talking just great new music.

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The Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More (T, W, Th 7pm UK)

#Music4AllAges“The Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More radio show” originally started off as a music blog. After an accident kept the Ice Cream Man away from work for a year and a half, rather than just sit and watch crap daytime TV, he decided to search out new music by new bands who weren’t […]

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The Perfumed Allotment (Friday evenings from 8-11pm. repeated Saturdays 12pm-3pm UK)

#Music4AllAges–.The Perfumed Allotment-presenting a heady eclectic mix of lost blooms and new shoots from a potting shed somewhere in middleish England near a city where it nearly always rains. Submerge yourself in new blooms and eclectic ear candy emanating from The Perfumed Allotment. (Friday evenings from 9-11pm. repeated Saturdays 1-3pm UK).

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The Music Authority with Jim Prell (Fri, Sat & Sun 6pm UK)

#Music4AllAgesThe Music Authority is hosted by Jim Prell and is all about Power Pop, Rock & Soul, Rhythm & Blues Show Where he plays Whatever the Hell he Wants. The show airs Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 6pm UK.

Upcoming Shows
Sunday 12:00 am

Club Night

Presented by Dj Ross

Sunday 7:00 am

Sick Beats

Dj Smash will make you move

Sunday 8:30 am

Sound Seduction

Presented by Marika Love

Sunday 9:00 am

Hipster Morning

With Jack M.

Sunday 12:00 pm

About Jenny

With Jenny T. B.

Sunday 5:00 pm


Mixed by Thomas Grey

Sunday 9:00 pm

House Of Fashion

With Veronica and Nina

Sunday 11:45 pm

Classy Generation

With Jessie Black

Sunday 11:58 pm

Streets Of NY

Presented by Jerome Blues

Upcoming Shows
Now On Air

Detroit Sessions

Bring the club at home.

3:00 am 6:00 am


House Of Fashion

Only posh music for your ears.

6:00 am 9:30 am


Fashion Victims

We Don't Follow The Fashion, We Create It!

9:30 am 2:00 pm


Dance Hits

The best EDM for your party.

2:00 pm 7:00 pm


Frequency One

Indie beats and world voices.

7:00 pm 11:00 pm


Sins At The Mic

Spicy stories and relaxing sounds.

11:00 pm 11:45 pm


Streets Of NY

Hang out, enjoy the city and relax.

11:45 pm 11:55 pm


Art Of Gossip

A show about other people's life!

11:55 pm 12:00 am


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Andras Jones


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THe Go Go’s

#Music4AllAgesThe Go-Go’s are back playing shows and still relevant.

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Pop Radio Uk Radio Station

#Music4AllAgesListen to at work, home, Tune-In, Amazon Echo and many other platforms.

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Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men

#Music4AllAgesNicks new “Temporary High” record is scorching these airwaves. The Detroit legend continues to garner huge reviews and airplay.

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The Extra Arms

#Music4AllAgesRyan Allen heads up this Michigan outfit and their new music rocks these airwaves.

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The Moon Kids

#Music4AllAgesOne of the UK’s best underrated Pop and Rock outfits, we LOVE the Moon Kids on

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The Tearaways

#Music4AllAgesCheck out tracvks from The Tearaways new “Anthems & Lullabies” record. This SoCal rock outfit features drummer Clem Burke (Blondie).

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